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What is a Skin Cancer?

The uncontrolled division of skin cells is called a skin cancer. Skin cancer primarily occurs due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun or repeated exposure to X-ray and chemicals. It can also rarely occur due to scars from certain diseases and burns.

What Tests are Used to Diagnose Skin Cancer?

Your doctor diagnoses skin cancer by conducting a skin biopsy, where a small sample of the suspicious tissue is removed to be examined under a microscope.

What are the Treatment Options for Skin Cancer?

Various treatment approaches are available for treating skin cancers and the treatment depends on various factors such as the type of cancer, location, patients’ age & health. The treatment options include creams for some early thin skin cancers, radiation therapy and surgical therapy or a combined approach.

Can I prevent skin cancers?

Absolutely, strict sun protection with clothing, hats and sunscreen have been proven to reduce the number of skin cancers.

Having a skin check with your doctor or dermatologist can also help diagnose skin cancers early.

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