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How to Attend a Video Consultation

After an Appointment has been made, you will receive a call or email with instructions and reminders for your upcoming Consultation. These reminder emails will have a meeting link.

During our consultation, we will conduct a video meeting via your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Be sure your internet connection is stable and avoid moving if using a mobile.

5 Minutes Before the Scheduled Meeting

If you are new to Zoom Meetings, you will be asked to download a program this can take maybe 2 minutes.

  • Download the Video Conference Application from Skype or Zoom
  • Open the App and familiarize yourself with how the application works
  • Test your microphone as this is how we will talk
  • If you have downloaded Skype please add Dr Y Lee to your contacts
  • If you have downloaded Zoom – a link will be sent to your phone or computer, click
    on the link and the video conference will commence

At the Time of the Meeting

At the time of your meeting open the Zoom App and wait for a call from the practice at the agreed time.

DO I NEED A REFERRAL for an online consult

You don’t need a referral to use our service. A valid GP referral can be helpful and provides medication information for the dermatologist. allows you to receive a Medicare rebate. (See Fees/ Cost). The referral can be posted, scanned or a photo taken and emailed to


– $180 for a consult

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PLEASE NOTE - Skin cancer and mole checks are NOT possible with online consults and some conditions may require you to send high quality photos or attend our surgery if a procedure is required or the quality of the image is insufficient to make a diagnosis.